Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Frank Buckles

WWI veteran Frank Buckles, celebrates his 110th birthday today.  After his WW I service, he managed to become a civilian prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines, at Los Baños.  The prisoners at Los Baños were rescued in February, 1945.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rare Footage of My Father's Battleground

This blogger is back after some internet issues, with a new provider that is ground based instead of satellite based.  We'll see how that works, but I can tell you it is very fast by comparison.

We're going to take a break from our in-depth study of the Raid at Cabanatuan in order to post a rare video of my father's battleground in north Italy.  Often, these gems will disappear when you go back to find them, and so I wanted to rush this one forward.

Ski Troops, Camp Hale, Colorado

My late father, Pfc. Kenneth K. Klahn, fought in Italy with the superb 10th Mountain Division in 1945.  More about that later.  Here is a fantastic film archive detailing the German defense of the Gothic Line, in the area of the Monte Belvedere-Monte della Torraccia Massif.  I went there in 2006, with the Tenth Mountain Division Association.  This film depicts the actions before the Tenth arrived, when the allies tried to take Mt Belvedere, but couldn't.  

I usually don't prefer films that over-feature the German forces, but the obvious historical narrative of their defenses is depicted.  And, as I will often note, these are not the "old men and youth" who depicted Germany on her last leg.  These are Parachute Infantry and Waffen SS.  Not depicted, but also defending there were German Mountain Troops.  All first-rate, serious and deadly warriors.  They give the impression of having a surfeit of confidence, and I notice that they know just the right height to place their heads over the parapet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog News - WW2 News

Major Winters, World War II, a Great National Hero

This blogger has been experiencing computer problems, so bear with me as I try to get those resolved.  I had wanted to post several short articles the troops who fought at Cabanatuan.  Those are in the hopper, so please stay tuned.

I was touched by the outpouring of sympathy and remembrance of recently deceased Major Richard Winters, who you may know from Band Of Brothers fame.  He was a hero to the members of the armed forces who saw him as an unambiguously fine leader whose war record is second to none.  He has answered his last roll call.

Major Winters Speaks On Leadership.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Old Man's Christmas

We'll leave tropical Luzon for a while, and return after Christmas.  Meanwhile, take a trip down memory lane to Italy during wartime, and see what the troops have for General Waverly.